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  • Federal Archives of Germany

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The Federal Archives were set up in Koblenz in 1952. The location, which is relatively close to the then capital city of Bonn, was initially only intended to be provisional. Laying of a foundation stone for a purpose-built archive building in 1982 in Koblenz confirmed this as the permanent location for the Federal Archives.
The new location, inaugurated by Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl in November 1986, meets all of the main criteria for a modern archive building: It is functional and offers optimum working conditions for both employees and users. The type of construction guarantees cost efficiency due to low energy costs. The constant climate in the repositories is ensured by means of constructional measures. The purpose-built facility holds archive materials in the various stacking centre areas with a stacking floor space of over 15,000 m².
Koblenz is the headquarters of the Federal Archives. The President with his staff, the Department for Central Administration comprising the Legal Department and the Sections for personnel, organisation, premises, budget and IT infrastructure as well as the Department General archival matters and central technical services are located here. The latter coordinates cross-discipline archival matters such as the creation of record groups and inventories. It is responsible for preservation and for further development of archival legislation. In addition, it is also responsible for historical educational work, publications and the edition "Dokumente zur Deutschlandpolitik".
Koblenz continues to house Department B (Federal Republic of Germany). It is primarily responsible for the records of the central civil authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany (since 1949) including the western occupation zones (1945 – 1949) and also for papers of privat origin, i.e. individual personages and associations, as well as pictures, posters, cartographic material, audio recordings and is also responsible for editing the Cabinet minutes of the Federal Government.
Films are also currently being restored in the Koblenz Section for the restoration and conservation of audio-visual archive material.

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