Searching for records in the CENDARI Archival Directory

For general information on the ATOM application and how it functions, see the User manual.

For definitions of terms such as "archival descriptions" check the Glossary.

Initial searching

Enter your selected search term (for example, “manuscript”) into the search field at the top of the page. It is also possible to browse for records using the list at the left-hand side of the page. This list has the following options: Archival descriptions, Archival institutions, Subjects and Places. After either browsing or inputting a term into the search field, you will get a list of records and record creators (people and organizations) that match your initial search criteria. These results will show which archival institution holds each record. The list will show all records available in the Archival Directory that are connected to the search term, and will be from many countries and in many languages.

The results can be narrowed with a faceted search, for which options are available on the left-hand side of the page. It is possible to limit your search results by name, language, archival institutions with relevant holdings, creators (if different from the original archival institutions), places (selecting a country), subject (not all archival descriptions are linked to subjects), and level of description (collections, fonds, etc.). Take care when choosing keywords, particularly in regards to spelling. Attempt to use keywords that are likely to appear in the record or records that is the object of your search.

Using Advanced Search

You can narrow search results in the case of complex searches by using the Advanced Search page. This can be found either by clicking on the search field at the top of the page, as it will be an available option, or by using the link: Advanced Search page

Enter your search terms in the “Search” field. To narrow the search, use the dropdown menu by clicking on the “Any field” button. Here you can select searchable fields (for example: “title”, “reference code”, “archival history”, etc.). Press the button “Add New Criteria” to add new search terms and combine them the connectives “or”, “and”, or “not”. In addition you can narrow your results by using the search filters on the left-hand side of the Advanced Search Page, such as “repository”, “level of description”, etc.

When searching for records, please remember that the CENDARI Archival Directory cannot provide a comprehensive overview of all archival holdings available in an archive, even if there are several dozen entries available for a particular archive. The archival descriptions in the directory were created alongside CENDARI Archival Research Guides, which are focused on specific subjects. As a general rule, do not limit yourself to languages within collections when searching. If you are specifically looking for results in a certain language, type your keywords in this language (and in appropriate script, for example: Cyrillic) into the search box.